Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus and Review

Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus and Review.

I know, I know we hear the phrase the money is in the list all the time. But I am going to get right down to the nitty-gritty….. the money is NOT in the list, it’s how you treat the list that really makes a difference.

In fact it was just last week that I heard international marketing expert Frank Kern talk about exactly the same thing.

I’m really glad that in the program Sacred E-mail Marketing Secrets, the creator Joey Kissimmee is saying exactly the same thing.

You see there are lots of people that have e-mail marketing lists in various different niches and there are lots of people that simply don’t make any money from that list. Some people have mis-treated their lists by spamming them with useless e-mails, but some people treat their list really well, they simply don’t get good open rates or good click-throughs.

This is exactly where a program like this can really help you out.

Now I understand that many people think there is one big solution to e-mail marketing, one thing you can change that will make all the difference or one technique you need to apply today. The truth is that you have to do a lot of little things in order to make your list grow, make it responsive and of course make it profitable.

If you start applying each of these little steps one at a time, then you are going to see some great results. These little steps do go beyond intriguing e-mail titles and easy to click links. You see there’s actually loads of things besides this, there are things like psychological triggers, through to timing, through to copywriting, the list goes on and on….

so if you can double your open rates, triple your click-through rates, you could be succeeding very quickly. Of course you are going to need a sizeable list, as only having 50 people on your list simply won’t be that profitable than matter how many of the little steps you take.

This is something I really like about this course:

Joey teaches you how to grow your list very quickly. To give you an example he grew his list from 1800 to over 30,000 people in a matter of months. Good statistics show that every subscriber is worth anywhere between $.50 to $1.50. If you can explode your list to 30,000 people within a couple of months, think of the financial benefits that will create!

I also liked the examples that Jerry gives you of his squeeze pages. These little beauties suck out 60% opted rates, some with percentiles as high as that you can see how easy it is to get new subscribers.


Now this is one of the more expensive courses on the market, but let’s not forget who created it, this guy makes a fortune from e-mail marketing so it’s well worth learning from him.

Check it out here – Sacred Email Marketing Secrets


Okay because this is a higher-priced product and because I am associated with it, I want to offer you a bonus if you purchase through my affiliate links.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail titled ‘Give Me My Bonus’ after you have made your purchase to this address

Then I will send you the bonuses below, which if you combine with the Sacred Email marketing secrets, will have you succeeding big-time, very quickly.

CPA Overdrive
  •  Learn how to prmote killer CPA offers to your list,
  • Discover how to get accepted by any CPA network,
  • Rake in easy profits every day.

5 Video Squeeze Pages

  • Ready made, easy to use.
  • Each Style in multiple colours
  • Use any YouTube video to enhance your squeeze pages.

 5 HTML Static Squeeze Pages

  • Easy to edit with simple text
  • Include everything Joey Kissimmee teaches
  • Add pictures, text, images and graphics

If you want all of these bonuses, simply clear your cookies, purchase the course through my link and then send me the email too

Heres the all important link  – Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus

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