Mobile Technology and the Future

We all know that technology seems to be growing exponentially. The more technology we have, the better technology we are able to develop and so the cycle speeds up and we progress towards the future at an incredible rate.

If we take a quick glance at the world of mobile technology we open up a treasure chest full of smart phone applications, uses and potential that is simply mind blowing.

We have small handheld devices that are fitted with GPS navigation systems, instant messenger services, e-mail, full web browsers, video calling and millions of other apps. In the future it will be commonplace for all of us to load digital cash on to our mobile phones to pay for goods when we are out and about. Yes, your cellphone will completely replace your wallet, it’s possible it will completely replace your computer in less years than you can imagine. Will it replaced your television? Probably, certainly as soon as they are capable of projecting large high-definition images onto your living room wall!

For online marketers and entrepreneurs worldwide this opens up an incredibly exciting future and endless possibilities.

I am sure you have heard the stories of teenagers developing games for the iPhone and iPad, getting them downloaded thousands of times a day and generating yearly salaries day in day out. That’s the potential, yet I believe it may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Advertising is now growing within iPhone applications and many developers are generating incredible ad revenue by selling space on their apps. It’s no wonder Google made a very early, yet very pricey successful bid for the company AdMob.

It is now commonplace to also see online marketers setting up a text messaging service for local businesses all around the world. For example they are working with restaurant owners, developing a short code and getting customers to text a desired word to this short code, giving them a coupon to use in the restaurant.
The restaurant owner can then send out multiple text messages, via computer software, to all of the mobile telephone numbers he collected with the short code coupon. A simple discount offer can be sent out on slow nights to entice customers through the doors of the business.

Every few months we see further and further developments in the technology of the mobile world. And every few months we see a new method or technique developed by a smart minded entrepreneur that is changing the way we use and capitalise on this technology.

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