Mobile Affiliate Profits Review from Howie Schwartz and Mark Roth

Hi and welcome to the Mobile Affiliate Profits review. If you are reading this before July 27 then you won’t be able to actually get your hands on this course just yet as it won’t have launched. If it is July 27 or later then you can check it out.

This course comes from Howie Schwartz who you have probably heard of them as he is one of the most well-known online marketers around. He teamed up with another guy named Mark Rath who you probably won’t have heard of because he is a little more underground.

Now the real exciting thing about the Mobile Affiliate product is that it’s combining two of the hottest topics and hottest niches around, CPA marketing and mobiles.

Now there have been several other products released in the last 12 months showing people how to tap into smart phone advertising and get really cheap clicks to any website or affiliate link they choose. There have
also been loads of courses showing people how to do CPA marketing.

However nobody has actually combine the two successfully. Sure people have been doing it, but nobody is actually teaching it…. Until now!

Just as mobile advertising launched, I actually got into this niche and found that the clicks were really cheap. However I could never get anybody to buy anything as people simply aren’t used to making purchases on their smart phones just yet – in a couple of years time I’m sure this is gonna be completely normal.

However ….

People are completely used to cashing in on freebies on their cellphones. For example if you’re browsing a few apps and there’s an offer where you simply enter your e-mail to win a free iPad, then loads of people
will simply enter their e-mail because it is completely free to do so.

Imagine if it was you who put that advert, CPA offer right on thousands of people’s smart phones every single day.

If you were doing this and doing it effectively, then you’d be making a lot of CPA commissions from traffic that was literally costing you pennies.

This is exactly what the Mobile Affiliate Profits course is designed to teach you to do. It shows you exactly where to purchase smart phone advertising for a couple of dollars, how to get it on thousands if not millions
of mobile phones and how to drive traffic to converting CPA offers.

Howie Schwartz and Mark Roth has designed an incredible course with eight modules. Check ‘em out, they’re listed below:

  • Module 1 – The CPA basics.
  • Module 2 – Initial setup.
  • Module 3 – Running traffic for the first time.
  • Module 4 – Optimising.
  • Module 5 – Advanced CPA tactics.
  • Module 6 – Pay per call.
  • Module 7 – List building on a mobile.
  • Module 8 – Advanced mobile this building tactics.

If you had straight to their website you can see a lot more detail into all of these modules, take a sneak peek at a live working CPA offer and learn loads about how you can use the two hottest niches around to make
bucket loads of income with these new waves of technology.

Check it out here – Mobile Affiliate Profits

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