FB Cash Review–FB Cash 2.0 from Sam Bakker

Hi and welcome to my FB Cash Review……..Actually this is the FB Cash 2.0 product from creatorFB Cash 2.0 Review Sam Bakker. Anyway and let me tell you exactly what this product is, whether I think it’s worth it and whether you can actually create an income and business from what you are going to learn.

What You Get.

Okay, now there are actually a few options in this program for you to purchase. But initially the first product is all about building Facebook fan pages for off-line businesses. However it’s not just an e-book that tells you how to do this, although that is included.

You see the great thing about this product is that Sam has included some cool scripts, I frame software, viral squeeze pages and even some really cool viral ‘like’ button scripts.

This allows you to create really professional looking Facebook fan pages, but it also means that the pages will go viral and you will be able to do some pretty cool tricks with them.

For example you can offer a free report to fanpage viewers, but they can only download it if they click the like but, here’s a screenshot of what that looks like:

FB Cash

This is a great feature at any off-line business would love to incorporate into their marketing efforts. Best of all they don’t know how to do this, but you will know how to do it and you’ll be able to do it very quickly with this course and software.

FB Cash 2.0 also provide you with some very professional looking templates that you can use for a variety of different business niches.

FB Cash 2.0

Your Income.

Now businesses are prepared to pay quite a lot of money in order to have really cool fanpages. And its not that hard to contact them and offer apackage to them.

I know some guys who build basic fanpages first (cos its so quick), call up a company, show them what they’ve done, then say ‘if you wanna keep it its $XXX’!

 There’s actually a guy featured on the main video of this product and he is charging just under $500 for every single fanpage he sets up, that includes the cool templates and the cool ‘like’ button features you see above.

Take a look at the website he sends offline businesses to – FB Cash 2.0 Success Story

Not Offline.

If you’re not into working with local businesses, but you are into promoting clickbank products or even CPA offers, then this course and software will work just as well for this type of marketing.

Because it’s so easy to get people to hit the like button on these pages, they go viral very quickly and build up huge fan bases. There’s an example of someone building up a fan base of over 40,000 people within three days!

Now that’s a really big list that you can promote all kinds of offers to any time you like – that’s cool income, right?

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