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The Code of Influence Reviews and Download Paul Mascetta

Welcome to the Code of Influence review to shed some light on this course.You are probably trying to figure out who has the experience and knowledge of people and persuasion to write such a book?Well, actually the code was created by Paul Mascetta, a very well-known copywriter to some of the world’s best business minds.

For many years he has used his writing skills to create books, websites and promotions for some world renowned clients, enabling him to sharpen his influential and persuasion skills in order to get people to do what he wants. Or at least that’s the claim.

During my first visit to his website something struck me quite early on.He writes about what certain people like Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey have and that of course is the power of influence.And these people know how to connect with an audience and other people, now it doesn’t matter if you like what they do or agree with it but a great deal of success can be earned from tapping into this knowledge and skill.

Actually several years ago I discovered something as I began my online journey and I have also seen this on Paul’s website.It’s the important fact that success has nothing to do with your education, your inheritance even your intelligence and certainly nothing to do with pot luck.I discovered this when I was giving a talk in a high school close to where I live.They had a wall of successful people and then next to each person listed their background and yes, their learning difficulties! Did you know Einstein was dyslexic? There were many other very well-known names with most of them being multimillionaires or even billionaires like Richard Branson. None of these had any special education, received any inheritance had any luck or good fortune.

However, they had something more and this is exactly what you learn inside the code book.

But what’s inside the book?

That the right question to ask and actually there are a total of 12 large modules contained in the product.The modules cover everything from an introduction through to a conclusion and contain everything from influence, the four tiers of persuasion even personality types and human needs.If you want to see all 12 head to his site and they are listed right on the front page. But beware this guys copywriting skills are good and wow can he draw you in, you might download it twice! Joking of course.

Is it worth it?

Actually his pricetag is very low for what you get and you must not forget about the ironclad 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with product. I must add that you need to look where you want your life to go and if you want to head towards success then I strongly recommend downloading study his every word.

Click Here For The Code of Influnce Website


Commission Breakthrough Review

Hi and welcome to my Commission Breakthrough Review ready for you to sink your teeth into and get those profitable lightbulbs pinging off in your head! Well, that is of course if this product is actually any good.

Let’s get straight down to the detail.

Commission Breakthrough is a software program that you download and use on your income and its aim is to of course generate you a good income. As I am sure you are aware there are loads of pushbutton software solutions sold on the net and most of them by so-called Internet marketing gurus. Loads of them are a waste of time.

This product does actually do some pretty nifty things. It allows you to set up a blog very quickly, do niche research almost instantly and creates content very, very speedily. This of course allows you to grab free traffic from the search engines and drive it straight to winning offers.

But how do you know what the winning offers are? How do you know which niche to head in to? Well this software also does the competition research for you and it finds niches that are good to focus on. I think that is a very unique and desirable element to the software and one that can save you a great deal of time.

Commission Breakthrough

If you are brand-new to Internet marketing I think the commission breakthrough software will be very good for you, especially if you have no technical knowledge and don’t know how to get a blog up and running as the software does it all for you. If you are more experienced you probably won’t need the software to set up your blog, however the research and competition facility could be very helpful.

Interestingly enough the software actually costs you nothing, the one-time fee that you pay for this product is to pay for your hosting and this is completely unlimited.

Finally there is a crucial element to this product.

They talk about focusing on one other traffic method and this traffic method is never revealed by any of the other products you see on the market. Yes the sales video that explains this crucial element is a little hyped up (which I don’t like) but they do make a very good point.

You see there are some Internet millionaires out there who make very real money and large amounts of it, yet they don’t reveal the exact methods or traffic sources they are using to get it. However this product does reveal it. I can’t tell you what it is otherwise there would be a lawsuit slapped on my rear end but you can visit their website and find out more for yourself.

Click Here for the Commission Breakthrough Site

The Wealth Trigger Reviews Joe Vitale

Hi and welcome to The Wealth Trigger Review about the info product released from well known Joe Vitale. This is fairly new on the Internet and definitely deserves being looked into.

So who is Joe Vitale?

Well Dr. Vitale has written well over 50 books, he has appeared on any television shows such as Larry King live but he is perhaps most well-known for his appearance in both the movie and book called The Secret – This guy knows all about tapping into wealth and success over and over again. In
fact he has become so good at it he can teach people to do it by themselves.

The Secrets in the Course.

When you had to be sales page of this product you will see three secrets right in front of your eyes. These are three secrets that you must learn in order to get success. Take a look at what they are below:

Secret 1 – dynamic of cellular memory

Secret 2 – reformat the cellular memory with the subconscious mind

Secret 3 – hypnosis

Now when you first look at those secrets it all looks like a bunch of gibberish, like some kind of psychedelic talk that enables you to become rich. But in fact it is a highly scientific method of accessing parts of your brain that you have never accessed before, enabling you to create
possibilities from what currently seems impossible.

If you head to the website right now you can see a much more thorough explanation of those three secrets and see what is really being given away here – Wealth Trigger

You see when you combine all three of those three secrets it’s then time to use the Wealth Trigger in order to start seeing results. Successful people have already pulled the trigger but most don’t even know they have done it.

But through years of research, years of testing and years of application the above three secrets and the trigger have been identified and used time and time again by people like Joe Vitale and other successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

10 Empowering Modules.

Also as part of this course you will get your hands on 10 empowering audio modules that teach you masses of other incredibly useful and powerful secrets, techniques and methods.

For example you can learn how to apply these techniques to your career, your family life, job attraction, self hypnosis, visualisation, leveraging your strengths, opportunity attraction and the list goes on and on and on.

This success is something you are serious about and you want to know the secret behind the world’s wealthiest people and wealthiest minds then check out this website – The Wealth Trigger Review

My BackLinkTopia Review

Okay I have just seen a new program on the market called Back Link Topia, actually the creators jam all of that into one word BacklinkTopia.

This is basically a method of creating backlinks to any content that you create on the Internet. If you know anything about search engine optimisation you will know that back links are very important when it comes to your websites search engine ranking.

More importantly these links need to be keyword anchor texts, so the clickable text needs to be the keyword you are trying to rank for. I’m not going to beat around the bush with this review, I am simply going to tell you exactly what it is.

When you purchased a program you get given thousands upon thousands of articles and a piece of software. When you’ve decided what website you want to get onto a page of Google, you choose your anchor keyword and submit this to the software.

The software that gets to work by finding relevant articles in this system, placing your anchor text keyword in the article and then finally converting it into a PDF.
Now you have a PDF document with your anchor text inside. Finally the software submits the PDF’s it has created to multiple document sharing sites. These will obviously get ranked in Google by themselves and produce top-quality back links from high PR website pointed directly to you and your websites.
Now this is a pretty cool piece of software on the back links it creates will be good.

However there is one thing that you need to be careful of this is producing too many backlinks. If you produced too many too quickly to one website search engines will see that this is a very unnatural form of Internet behaviour.

If it’s spotted most search engines like Google will very quickly de-rank or drastically lower the position your website holds in the search engine results pages, thus rendering all of your back links and hard work useless.

The BacklinkTopia program is very good but you do need to be careful that you don’t go too mad with resources like this because it could do more harm than good. That being said if you’re careful it’s a great piece of kit.

Check it out here BacklinkTopia Review

Auction Yen Review-Does it Work and what is this Software from David Guindon?

Hi and welcome to the Auction Yen Review. This post is all about the new software from expert David Guindon. I really wanted to write a post about this product and software, because I haven’t seen anything like this before. Now I’m not saying that it’s the only one of its kind, but it sure is
the first one I have seen.

Okay firstly this has everything to do with eBay. As you well know there is a lot of money to be made on the world’s most famous auction site, but having the right product to sell to people is the key to success.

If you knew exactly what people wanted to buy and you put it right in front of their faces on eBay you would make some great sales. Better than that, if you knew the most popular products that people wanted to buy on eBay then you would make some absolutely incredible sales very quickly indeed.

Well this is what the Auction Yen software is all about.

I can’t explain everything about this software, as it would take me ages to write everything down. Plus all of the true detail is on the main website. But I can explain this:

You have probably heard about the Want It Now section on eBay. This is like a bulletin board where people post all kinds of items that they are looking to buy. Sellers who then have these items are able to let the
buyer know they have what they are looking for.

Now imagine if you had a piece of software that took all of the information on the ‘want it now’ section on eBay and determined which were the most popular required items. Now imagine that the software kept track of all of these items and let you know how profitable certain niches are.

Well this is exactly what the David Quinton software does.

It keeps track of everything that is posted on the want it now section, so when it discovers that loads of people are demanding to buy a particular product, you can sell it to them! It even gives you a score type system to show you which products are being requested by buyers the most and which ones will be most profitable for you to sell.

It’s like having someone walk up and down the high street asking people what they are wanting to buy and then telling you to sell it to them. This thing is really simple and pure genius! I have no idea how David
managed to create this auction software but it’s really cool.

Check it out here – Auction Yen

Income Entourage Review and Bonus-Jamie Lewis Does it Again With Income Entourage

Hi and welcome to my income entourage Review and bonus for the latest product from Jamie Lewis.

Man it seems that this guy never sleeps, ‘cos it wasn’t that long ago that I was writing a review for his product called IM With Jamie.

I gotta be honest that product was pretty cool. This one is good but it is completely different!

Okay as I like to be honest with my readers, let me tell you exactly what this is and what you are going to get for your investment.

The income entourage program gives you software that allows you to build very professional looking squeeze pages or you can use preloaded squeeze pages that are available in the software the minute you download.

This enables you to start capturing names and e-mails of people interested in any affiliate product you choose to promote. So if you head to somewhere like clickbank and choose to promote a ‘make money’ programme, you can simply tap into some social site traffic, drive it to your lead capture pages, build your list and then promote your clickbank products as an affiliate.

Check it out here – Jamie Lewis Income Entourage Review 


Jamie does provide some extra help on how you actually drive traffic to your slick looking squeeze pages, so you can be up and running pretty quickly. There are a couple of videos in the members area that show you exactly what to do including how to create a funnel of profitable traffic straight from Facebook.

Personally I would take what Jamie teaches and add some extras. By this I mean you should drive traffic to your squeeze page anyway you can. Think about videos, blogs, article marketing, forum marketing as well as social media marketing.

The opt in rates for you should be pretty high as the pages look really professional, so it won’t be long before you are building a pretty huge list.

Obviously if you have a huge list you can send out e-mails, loaded with your affiliate links and make some pretty cool commissions along the way.


There  is also a forum inside the members area that allows you to mix with other members, share traffic ideas, success stories and even find great products and promotions to begin working on.

You can check it out here – Income Entourage

Be warned though! This guy is a nut job lol!

Check him and his buddies goofing around in this video!


Backlink Profit Monster Review-Download This Software or Not?

Oh Yeh, man am I excited about this Backlink Profit Monster review. You see I’m so excited because the dude that created this software program has actually pulled off something pretty darn cool. This is a legitimate, white hat method and piece of software that helps you rank very highly in all the major search engines.

And even better than that, this stuff is simple!

Obviously you will be looking at getting this program if you have a website or several websites that you want to do some SEO work for. After all this is designed to get you to that prized number one spot.

Okay this is real simple. Firstly you open up the software, head to Google and type in a searchBacklink Profit Monster term that you want to compete and rank for. Google obviously shows you page one top 10 results. The software then looks at these top 10 results and begins to find all of the back links that point to each of the 10 websites.

You then pick one of the websites from the top 10 results and you begin to look at where it is getting high PR back links from.

Check it out here – Click the image –>>

You can even ask the software to list all of the do follow links it is receiving from blogs. It’s then really easy to head to these do follow blogs and create back links that point to your own site.

The long and short of this is Backlink Profit Monster allows you to get the same back links that your competitor is getting. It best of all because you can see the back links of all the top 10 results, you will be able to combine them and out rank your competitors?

What the heck….. rather than the explaining anymore, just check out this video below that shows the whole thing in action – man this is simple!

Obviously this is kosher and white hat as the backlinks you will be swiping are ones that Google and other search engines class as high PR, valid and important back links themselves. You’re following their rules and laws and giving them what they want.

Now there are a few other software programs like this already available. And many of them are good. However if you are looking for one that is effective, affordable and really simple to use then this is pretty darn good.

—>>> Go and check it out here – Backlink Profit Monster <<<—

Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus and Review

Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus and Review.

I know, I know we hear the phrase the money is in the list all the time. But I am going to get right down to the nitty-gritty….. the money is NOT in the list, it’s how you treat the list that really makes a difference.

In fact it was just last week that I heard international marketing expert Frank Kern talk about exactly the same thing.

I’m really glad that in the program Sacred E-mail Marketing Secrets, the creator Joey Kissimmee is saying exactly the same thing.

You see there are lots of people that have e-mail marketing lists in various different niches and there are lots of people that simply don’t make any money from that list. Some people have mis-treated their lists by spamming them with useless e-mails, but some people treat their list really well, they simply don’t get good open rates or good click-throughs.

This is exactly where a program like this can really help you out.

Now I understand that many people think there is one big solution to e-mail marketing, one thing you can change that will make all the difference or one technique you need to apply today. The truth is that you have to do a lot of little things in order to make your list grow, make it responsive and of course make it profitable.

If you start applying each of these little steps one at a time, then you are going to see some great results. These little steps do go beyond intriguing e-mail titles and easy to click links. You see there’s actually loads of things besides this, there are things like psychological triggers, through to timing, through to copywriting, the list goes on and on….

so if you can double your open rates, triple your click-through rates, you could be succeeding very quickly. Of course you are going to need a sizeable list, as only having 50 people on your list simply won’t be that profitable than matter how many of the little steps you take.

This is something I really like about this course:

Joey teaches you how to grow your list very quickly. To give you an example he grew his list from 1800 to over 30,000 people in a matter of months. Good statistics show that every subscriber is worth anywhere between $.50 to $1.50. If you can explode your list to 30,000 people within a couple of months, think of the financial benefits that will create!

I also liked the examples that Jerry gives you of his squeeze pages. These little beauties suck out 60% opted rates, some with percentiles as high as that you can see how easy it is to get new subscribers.


Now this is one of the more expensive courses on the market, but let’s not forget who created it, this guy makes a fortune from e-mail marketing so it’s well worth learning from him.

Check it out here – Sacred Email Marketing Secrets


Okay because this is a higher-priced product and because I am associated with it, I want to offer you a bonus if you purchase through my affiliate links.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail titled ‘Give Me My Bonus’ after you have made your purchase to this address

Then I will send you the bonuses below, which if you combine with the Sacred Email marketing secrets, will have you succeeding big-time, very quickly.

CPA Overdrive
  •  Learn how to prmote killer CPA offers to your list,
  • Discover how to get accepted by any CPA network,
  • Rake in easy profits every day.

5 Video Squeeze Pages

  • Ready made, easy to use.
  • Each Style in multiple colours
  • Use any YouTube video to enhance your squeeze pages.

 5 HTML Static Squeeze Pages

  • Easy to edit with simple text
  • Include everything Joey Kissimmee teaches
  • Add pictures, text, images and graphics

If you want all of these bonuses, simply clear your cookies, purchase the course through my link and then send me the email too

Heres the all important link  – Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Bonus

Auto Traffic Nirvana Review-Software Plugin From Bill Mcrea

Hi and welcome to the latest post – Auto Traffic Nirvana Review.

Now I really had to write a review about this software program because I noticed it was creating a stir in the online community. When I went to the main website I realised that this was creating a bigger stir than traffic nirvana qr code

What made me think that? Well, to be quite honest, it’s because the main auto traffic nirvana website looks absolutely useless. It looks like some of the testing site I throw up in 30 minutes! So for this to actually be pricking the eyes and ears of many online marketers I thought WOW the product must be really good ‘cos the sales page certainly isn’t!

With that being said the videos that are on the sales page actually do a very good job of explaining exactly what this product does and how it can help you. There are even some videos showing you how to put this into your WordPress blog.

Go and check them out here – Auto Traffic Nirvana Review

What is it?

Okay this is really simple. For your investment you get a WordPress plug-in, so yes this can only be used in your WordPress blog. The plug-in allows you to tap into a private network of over 2000 high PR blogs and get anchor text back links from them very quickly.

You know how you get back links from article marketing? Well it works the same, but you don’t have to write long articles and submit them to multiple directories. You can get the same type of back links by using this plug-in to access and get links from their blogging network.

Auto Traffic Nirvana Review

More linking methods?

What I mentioned above is only one form of back linking. There is also a larger community of back linking opportunities where there are now over 10,000 blogs. These blogs belong to the people that have purchased and are using the Nirvana plug-in. It’s a mutual three-way linking system, so your blog will link to blog number two, blog number two will link to blog number three and blog number three will link back to you.

Again you can choose your anchor text for this method but you do have to link to other people’s websites. However the three-way linking method does make this powerful.

RSS Feeds – another cool feature about this plug-in is that it takes every post on your blog and converts it into an XML file RSS feed. If you know what this is you will know how powerful that is. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then don’t worry, this flat out works.

What Do I Think?

Well I do use a lot of article marketing on my various niche blogs to get back links and I do use blog networks just like the auto traffic nirvana. They have a very good positive impact on your SEO results and search page ranking, but you do have to write a lot.

Luckily for me I quite enjoy writing, but if you want to spend less time writing and more time getting back links then I think this program is very good.

I like the way it gives you three back link options and methods, and if you use all three your results are quite quick. Again there is a great video on the sales page that explains this.

If you remember earlier on I said that the sales page looked pretty useless, you’ll get what I mean when you visit, but look past that and look at the great potential that is in this plug-in.

Check it out here – Auto Traffic Nirvana

The Cash1234 System Review-What is it? Does it Work? Is it Legitimate and Real?

Hi and welcome to, The Cash 1234 system review. Here I am going to reveal what this system is all about, how it works and if the whole thing is real and legitimate.

Well I am here to give you a heads up and this is an important one.

Personally I don’t like this course. There you go I said it, I put it out there and here’s why…..

Yes this course is legitimate and real. It doesn’t cost very much, I think around $12 and for that you download an e-book in a PDF format. It is filled with quite a lot of information, showing you 4 steps or methods to generate an income online.

However the first step teaches you how to use online casinos in order to generate income! Yes, you read that right, online casinos! It’s similar to these old school methods where you had to an online roulette website and start to try and beat the system.

In theory this is great, but do you really trust online casinos? Do you know for certain that they aren’t rigged?

Now of course I am not accusing online casinos of cheating, but you are taking a huge risk, you are gambling, in order to try and generate some income.

The next three steps of this cash 1234 are the process of them investing your casino winnings into other online investments. To meet this whole process seems incredibly risky, simple gambling, and a surefire way to lose your shirt online!

There are some far easier, far more realistic methods that will allow you to create an income online. You only have to check out some of the posts on this blog to discover how you can do that.

If I were you I would steer well clear of this course, unless you want to waste $12 and then blow a load of money in an online casino.

If you want you can check it out here –>> The Cash1234 System

However if you are serious about making an online income my greatest recommendation to has to be one of the following two courses:

  1. If you have a little more experience with Internet marketing then go and get some personal one-on-one coaching from one of the best marketers online, you can check it out here —>>> IM With Jamie
  2. If you are brand-new and want a step-by-step that teaches you an incredible method of making huge money with blogs, then check out this step-by-step program from Mark Ling ––>>> Affilorama

So sorry to be negative about the cash 1234 system but I dont think its any good and so I dont want to recommend it to my readers……

The 2 above though are really some of the best courses online that will teach you how to be successful. I know I still use both of them to this day – I am actually featured in Jamie’s website! It’s me in the car video!