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Xtreme Pay Days Coming Soon

I have just emailed the creator of a new product called Xtreme Pay Days. Hopefully he will send me a copy soon and I’ll be able to write a full review. Stay tuned to the blog and I’ll get something up asap!


Mobile Affiliate Profits Review from Howie Schwartz and Mark Roth

Hi and welcome to the Mobile Affiliate Profits review. If you are reading this before July 27 then you won’t be able to actually get your hands on this course just yet as it won’t have launched. If it is July 27 or later then you can check it out.

This course comes from Howie Schwartz who you have probably heard of them as he is one of the most well-known online marketers around. He teamed up with another guy named Mark Rath who you probably won’t have heard of because he is a little more underground.

Now the real exciting thing about the Mobile Affiliate product is that it’s combining two of the hottest topics and hottest niches around, CPA marketing and mobiles.

Now there have been several other products released in the last 12 months showing people how to tap into smart phone advertising and get really cheap clicks to any website or affiliate link they choose. There have
also been loads of courses showing people how to do CPA marketing.

However nobody has actually combine the two successfully. Sure people have been doing it, but nobody is actually teaching it…. Until now!

Just as mobile advertising launched, I actually got into this niche and found that the clicks were really cheap. However I could never get anybody to buy anything as people simply aren’t used to making purchases on their smart phones just yet – in a couple of years time I’m sure this is gonna be completely normal.

However ….

People are completely used to cashing in on freebies on their cellphones. For example if you’re browsing a few apps and there’s an offer where you simply enter your e-mail to win a free iPad, then loads of people
will simply enter their e-mail because it is completely free to do so.

Imagine if it was you who put that advert, CPA offer right on thousands of people’s smart phones every single day.

If you were doing this and doing it effectively, then you’d be making a lot of CPA commissions from traffic that was literally costing you pennies.

This is exactly what the Mobile Affiliate Profits course is designed to teach you to do. It shows you exactly where to purchase smart phone advertising for a couple of dollars, how to get it on thousands if not millions
of mobile phones and how to drive traffic to converting CPA offers.

Howie Schwartz and Mark Roth has designed an incredible course with eight modules. Check ‘em out, they’re listed below:

  • Module 1 – The CPA basics.
  • Module 2 – Initial setup.
  • Module 3 – Running traffic for the first time.
  • Module 4 – Optimising.
  • Module 5 – Advanced CPA tactics.
  • Module 6 – Pay per call.
  • Module 7 – List building on a mobile.
  • Module 8 – Advanced mobile this building tactics.

If you had straight to their website you can see a lot more detail into all of these modules, take a sneak peek at a live working CPA offer and learn loads about how you can use the two hottest niches around to make
bucket loads of income with these new waves of technology.

Check it out here – Mobile Affiliate Profits

FB Cash Review–FB Cash 2.0 from Sam Bakker

Hi and welcome to my FB Cash Review……..Actually this is the FB Cash 2.0 product from creatorFB Cash 2.0 Review Sam Bakker. Anyway and let me tell you exactly what this product is, whether I think it’s worth it and whether you can actually create an income and business from what you are going to learn.

What You Get.

Okay, now there are actually a few options in this program for you to purchase. But initially the first product is all about building Facebook fan pages for off-line businesses. However it’s not just an e-book that tells you how to do this, although that is included.

You see the great thing about this product is that Sam has included some cool scripts, I frame software, viral squeeze pages and even some really cool viral ‘like’ button scripts.

This allows you to create really professional looking Facebook fan pages, but it also means that the pages will go viral and you will be able to do some pretty cool tricks with them.

For example you can offer a free report to fanpage viewers, but they can only download it if they click the like but, here’s a screenshot of what that looks like:

FB Cash

This is a great feature at any off-line business would love to incorporate into their marketing efforts. Best of all they don’t know how to do this, but you will know how to do it and you’ll be able to do it very quickly with this course and software.

FB Cash 2.0 also provide you with some very professional looking templates that you can use for a variety of different business niches.

FB Cash 2.0

Your Income.

Now businesses are prepared to pay quite a lot of money in order to have really cool fanpages. And its not that hard to contact them and offer apackage to them.

I know some guys who build basic fanpages first (cos its so quick), call up a company, show them what they’ve done, then say ‘if you wanna keep it its $XXX’!

 There’s actually a guy featured on the main video of this product and he is charging just under $500 for every single fanpage he sets up, that includes the cool templates and the cool ‘like’ button features you see above.

Take a look at the website he sends offline businesses to – FB Cash 2.0 Success Story

Not Offline.

If you’re not into working with local businesses, but you are into promoting clickbank products or even CPA offers, then this course and software will work just as well for this type of marketing.

Because it’s so easy to get people to hit the like button on these pages, they go viral very quickly and build up huge fan bases. There’s an example of someone building up a fan base of over 40,000 people within three days!

Now that’s a really big list that you can promote all kinds of offers to any time you like – that’s cool income, right?

If you want to check out this product, click below…  

>> Click >> FB Cash 2.0 << Click <<

App Dev Secrets Review-Does The Course Work? IPhone App Builder

Hi and welcome to the App Dev Secrets review. I wasn’t initially going to write a review on this product as it has already been featured in a different post. However things are definitely hotting up around the application development world, so I thought it was time to write!

Now I am sure that you probably have a smart phone. Therefore you certainly know about the hype surrounding applications and where things are going in the future. If you are anything likeapp dev secrets me then you have downloaded many different applications, some ranging from useful tools right through to simple entertaining games.

We can’t get enough of them, right?

Well this is the good news because there is a massive, let me say that again, enormous, stupendous market for these little beauties and if you can tap into even the smallest fraction of it, you can make an absolute fortune. Right now there is a 14-year-old boy is developing apps that have been downloaded millions of times.


If you want a piece of the pie, then I think the App Dev Secrets course is a great place to start.

Firstly this course offers a one dollar trial lasts for 30 days! So you can try this out for less than a cup of coffee. Some people who have got involved with this course and really got their hands dirty, have produced several apps within the 30 day trial period and made real progress.

What’s in the course?

Okay I can’t reveal everything that’s in the course, because the owner wouldn’t be too happy.

However I can reveal that this is a four week program that takes you by the hand, step-by-step and shows you exactly how to build your first application, how to get it on the iTunes Store and how to get it noticed by customers and of course how to get it downloaded many times every day, even every minute!

Luckily there is no boring techie stuff or complicated programming that you have to learn. There are software programs that enable you to do this technical side very easily. You simply point and click.

If you head to the main website, scroll down and watch the video that gives you a sneak peek inside the members area, it’s pretty cool – click here —>>> App Dev Secrets

This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive courses that I have seen online. This is why I have mentioned the programme in other posts on my blog. It really does teach you everything you need in order to be a successful app developer – there’s no fluff and filler, just good guidance and good teaching to get you up and running fast.

If I had created this course I would have priced it a lot higher than what it is currently going for. I mean think about the profitability of owning a successful app that is being downloaded to millions of iPhone’s and iPods every single day.

And who knows maybe the creator, Mike, will put the price up in the future.

One thing he will not change is that this course comes with a complete 100% guarantee. This means that you can get your full investment back, for any reason, as long as it is within the first 60 days. Pretty sweet, right?

Go check it out here – App Dev Secrets Review

app builder

IM With Jamie Review – Jamie Lewis Coaching

Hi and welcome to my IM With Jamie Review!

Now as you can see from my blog I don’t actually recommend that many different products that get launched by gurus. Yes, I may review a lot but there aren’t many that I actually flat out tell you to go and purchase.

This one I am telling you to get, and no, it’s not just because I am featured on the front page of this product (check out the video – here)!

You see I recommend this product because it’s from a guy called Jamie Lewis and he is the Internet marketer that actually got me started. He did this through two courses that I purchased back in 2009. One was called Profit Miracle and the other was called Copy and Profit.

I followed exactly what he was teaching and I began to actually make money online.

Now Jamie has this new course called IM With Jamie and this is basically a coaching program where he takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how he built his empire that earns him $2 million every single year.

There is some great proof of this on his homepage to – IM With Jamie

As an old student of his, he decided to feature me on the front page of his coaching course and I have also been lucky enough to already sit in on a couple of his live coaching webinars over the last couple of weeks, before it was unleashed to the public.

The good news is that he has already shown me a brand-new business model that I have put into practice right away and it had nothing to do with Clickbank…..!

Now as with any coaching you do have to do some work. Don’t expect there to be any secret websites or secret buttons you push that earn you 1 million overnight – you are going to have to put in some work, learn some techniques and follow what you are being taught and MAN he teaches a lot!

However throughout all of this you can work side by side with Jamie, contact him whenever you like, copy his business models and start creating an online income quickly and methodically.

Best of all you can trial this personal one-on-one coaching for $4.95 and this will last you 10 days. That’s less than $.50 per day – are you willing to invest $.50 per day in yourself?

If the answer is yes then click here – IM With Jamie

Commission Maniac Review

Commission Maniac Review

Commission Maniac comes from the Internet marketer called Craig Kaye. This guy isn’t that well known but his recent products are helping to make his name. However is Commission Maniac going to be a winning product and can it really teach you how to create lots of income online?

After all 2011 seems to have seen the launch of some very mediocre and often poor quality products from the so-called gurus. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing so-called one click software that turns you into a millionaire.

To be honest when I first saw Commission Maniac I thought this was the group that Craig had gone down, however after reading up a little more on his new course I liked his honesty.

You see this course is all about blogging and how successful blogs, with lots of visitors and traffic, can make a substantial income and bring success very quickly. Craig’s course isn’t about one click software, however it is a software tool that makes blogging process a lot simpler.

In other words this system allows you to manage multiple blogs, in multiple niches, very easily and very quickly.

This will allow you to siphon lots of organic traffic from the major search engines, drive it to your blog and of course straight to your affiliate links.

Now I am sure everybody knows how to create a blog, but it is very easy to get bogged down with multiple blogs and knowing which ones you should write new content for, which ones you should backlink, which ones you should sell and which ones you should keep.

Commission Maniac not only enables you to run a blog network with just a few minutes work every day, it also gives you a huge 50 page PDF that shows you how to organise and run your empire. This is also packed with tons of tips on SEO, copywriting and all the neat little tricks millionaire bloggers use.

Personally I think this course is very good, there is a lot of information to learn and some great tips. Plus the software will actually make your life a whole lot easier.

Learn more straight from Craig Kaye by clicking here – Commission Maniac Review

Mass Money Makers Review

If you are looking for a Mass Money Makers Review then hold on to your hats! It hasn’t even pre-launched yet but as soon as it does then make sure you check back here for a full sneal preview and review.

What is Mass Money Makers

At time of writing Mass Money Makers isn’t even in pre-launch. The whole thing kicks off on December 28th, so when it gets a little closer to this date and when I get my hands on a copy of this product then I will give it a review right here.

Click here for Mass Money Makers Review

Turbo Commissions Review – What is Turbo Commissions?

You have no doubt have seen some of the hype that surrounds the latest product release from Guru Internet marketer Michael Jones. This product is known as Turbo Commissions and it promises great things, but what exactly is inside this course and how will it help you achieve great results online?

The creator is behind several other products that have been released in the last couple of years and largely they received great critical acclaim and have helped people succeed all over the world. However some people do claim that some of his products are rehashed versions of his old ones.

So what makes this product different?

Check it out here or read on – Michael Jones Turbo Commissions

Personally I think this product is different because of the creators fame and well-known name. You see his last couple of launches each showed different ways to earn commissions as an affiliate through sites such as clickbank. In these courses and products the creator would often show screenshots of his income, results and successes – many people became wise to the fact that he was not only using what he was teaching but also some other underground methods that he was not teaching.

After a couple of years of this Michael Jones has been left with nowhere to go, other than to let you look over his shoulder, see all of his business, and discover all of his cutting edge methods to creating up to 6 figures per month.

So inside Turbo Commissions you can see what products he promotes as an affiliate, you can see where he gets his traffic from, you can see what copy he uses to convert visitors into buyers and you can see what methods he uses to build lists of buyers over and over again.

The creator is literally letting you see the intestines of his online business and he is allowing you to copy exactly what he does. Why? As I said before his reputation and fame have forced him to do it and they hold him at stake. Plus Michael Jones understands that there is so much room on the Internet with the products he promotes, that the niches will never become saturated. Therefore he will always continue to make his incredible income even if he teaches other people to do it with Turbo Commissions

Click here to watch his eye opening video.