Backlink Profit Monster Review-Download This Software or Not?

Oh Yeh, man am I excited about this Backlink Profit Monster review. You see I’m so excited because the dude that created this software program has actually pulled off something pretty darn cool. This is a legitimate, white hat method and piece of software that helps you rank very highly in all the major search engines.

And even better than that, this stuff is simple!

Obviously you will be looking at getting this program if you have a website or several websites that you want to do some SEO work for. After all this is designed to get you to that prized number one spot.

Okay this is real simple. Firstly you open up the software, head to Google and type in a searchBacklink Profit Monster term that you want to compete and rank for. Google obviously shows you page one top 10 results. The software then looks at these top 10 results and begins to find all of the back links that point to each of the 10 websites.

You then pick one of the websites from the top 10 results and you begin to look at where it is getting high PR back links from.

Check it out here – Click the image –>>

You can even ask the software to list all of the do follow links it is receiving from blogs. It’s then really easy to head to these do follow blogs and create back links that point to your own site.

The long and short of this is Backlink Profit Monster allows you to get the same back links that your competitor is getting. It best of all because you can see the back links of all the top 10 results, you will be able to combine them and out rank your competitors?

What the heck….. rather than the explaining anymore, just check out this video below that shows the whole thing in action – man this is simple!

Obviously this is kosher and white hat as the backlinks you will be swiping are ones that Google and other search engines class as high PR, valid and important back links themselves. You’re following their rules and laws and giving them what they want.

Now there are a few other software programs like this already available. And many of them are good. However if you are looking for one that is effective, affordable and really simple to use then this is pretty darn good.

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