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Hi and welcome to the latest post – Auto Traffic Nirvana Review.

Now I really had to write a review about this software program because I noticed it was creating a stir in the online community. When I went to the main website I realised that this was creating a bigger stir than traffic nirvana qr code

What made me think that? Well, to be quite honest, it’s because the main auto traffic nirvana website looks absolutely useless. It looks like some of the testing site I throw up in 30 minutes! So for this to actually be pricking the eyes and ears of many online marketers I thought WOW the product must be really good ‘cos the sales page certainly isn’t!

With that being said the videos that are on the sales page actually do a very good job of explaining exactly what this product does and how it can help you. There are even some videos showing you how to put this into your WordPress blog.

Go and check them out here – Auto Traffic Nirvana Review

What is it?

Okay this is really simple. For your investment you get a WordPress plug-in, so yes this can only be used in your WordPress blog. The plug-in allows you to tap into a private network of over 2000 high PR blogs and get anchor text back links from them very quickly.

You know how you get back links from article marketing? Well it works the same, but you don’t have to write long articles and submit them to multiple directories. You can get the same type of back links by using this plug-in to access and get links from their blogging network.

Auto Traffic Nirvana Review

More linking methods?

What I mentioned above is only one form of back linking. There is also a larger community of back linking opportunities where there are now over 10,000 blogs. These blogs belong to the people that have purchased and are using the Nirvana plug-in. It’s a mutual three-way linking system, so your blog will link to blog number two, blog number two will link to blog number three and blog number three will link back to you.

Again you can choose your anchor text for this method but you do have to link to other people’s websites. However the three-way linking method does make this powerful.

RSS Feeds – another cool feature about this plug-in is that it takes every post on your blog and converts it into an XML file RSS feed. If you know what this is you will know how powerful that is. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then don’t worry, this flat out works.

What Do I Think?

Well I do use a lot of article marketing on my various niche blogs to get back links and I do use blog networks just like the auto traffic nirvana. They have a very good positive impact on your SEO results and search page ranking, but you do have to write a lot.

Luckily for me I quite enjoy writing, but if you want to spend less time writing and more time getting back links then I think this program is very good.

I like the way it gives you three back link options and methods, and if you use all three your results are quite quick. Again there is a great video on the sales page that explains this.

If you remember earlier on I said that the sales page looked pretty useless, you’ll get what I mean when you visit, but look past that and look at the great potential that is in this plug-in.

Check it out here – Auto Traffic Nirvana

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