Auction Yen Review-Does it Work and what is this Software from David Guindon?

Hi and welcome to the Auction Yen Review. This post is all about the new software from expert David Guindon. I really wanted to write a post about this product and software, because I haven’t seen anything like this before. Now I’m not saying that it’s the only one of its kind, but it sure is
the first one I have seen.

Okay firstly this has everything to do with eBay. As you well know there is a lot of money to be made on the world’s most famous auction site, but having the right product to sell to people is the key to success.

If you knew exactly what people wanted to buy and you put it right in front of their faces on eBay you would make some great sales. Better than that, if you knew the most popular products that people wanted to buy on eBay then you would make some absolutely incredible sales very quickly indeed.

Well this is what the Auction Yen software is all about.

I can’t explain everything about this software, as it would take me ages to write everything down. Plus all of the true detail is on the main website. But I can explain this:

You have probably heard about the Want It Now section on eBay. This is like a bulletin board where people post all kinds of items that they are looking to buy. Sellers who then have these items are able to let the
buyer know they have what they are looking for.

Now imagine if you had a piece of software that took all of the information on the ‘want it now’ section on eBay and determined which were the most popular required items. Now imagine that the software kept track of all of these items and let you know how profitable certain niches are.

Well this is exactly what the David Quinton software does.

It keeps track of everything that is posted on the want it now section, so when it discovers that loads of people are demanding to buy a particular product, you can sell it to them! It even gives you a score type system to show you which products are being requested by buyers the most and which ones will be most profitable for you to sell.

It’s like having someone walk up and down the high street asking people what they are wanting to buy and then telling you to sell it to them. This thing is really simple and pure genius! I have no idea how David
managed to create this auction software but it’s really cool.

Check it out here – Auction Yen

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